The Stainless Steel Soapbox is the weekly podcast of Pastor Mike Kerby, Director and Founder of Freedom Bridge Ministries. We take on the challenging issues facing the church today and the difficult teachings of Scripture with clarity, compassion, and a solid Biblical foundation. Every episode is grounded in Scripture and solid research. Sometimes challenging, occasionally humorous, always centered in Jesus.(Formerly the Jesus' Outsider Podcast)

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We're always interested in our listeners and what you have to say. Of course, you can email us with questions or comments. We've also decided to do something new (at least for us).


We want to build a community with you, a place where you can interact with the entire Freedom Bridge team and one another. Do to that, we've created a Facebook group for our listeners. We'll post exclusive content, take questions, and even take suggestions for future episodes. If we are to grow, we can only grow together. Join us today!

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